The Shelby Almost Got Smashed

Well my streak of bad luck just continues. I have a property west of Cairns, and on that property I have a garage where I house my most prized car – the Shelby.

You may remember a few weeks back there was a massive storm that was basically a Cyclone on the coast, we didn’t get hit nearly as badly as the likes of Yapun. But we did get some nasty winds and a buck load of rain.

On day 2 of the massive storms, I was inside doing some ironing when I heard an almighty cracking noise. Now I don’t know whether it was the wind that did it or a thunder bolt, and I guess it doesn’t really matter, because when I looked out the window, there is a gigantic tree smack bang through the middle of the garage.

Roof Smashed to Bits

As you can see from the image, the tree did some mighty damage.

Once the storm cleared I went in through the front entry of garage to inspect the shelby and see if it had been hit. There was few pieces of gyprock on the bonnet but other than that, not a scratch on her. I breathed a huge sigh of relief. Since then I have had The Roofing People (primarily a roof repair Sydney company – but I know the guy) out to inspect the damage and give me a quote. It’s going to cost $22,000 – but all good, it’s luckily covered by my insurance. But most importantly the car was unharmed, she just needs to spend a few nights outside under a tarp while the repairs take place.

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